Bee3D Slider – Touch-Enabled Pure JS Plugin (Sliders)

Bee3D Slider is a floating 3D slider and carousel plugin built with pure Javascript and CSS3 transformations! It is extremely performant and powerful…yet is only 5kb when minified!

Bee3D is easily customizable, and is extensible, which means you can quickly write your own plugins to further enhance Bee3D to your liking. There are plenty of callbacks to work with, and the Documentation covers the process thoroughly.

All styling is readily available in LESS, SASS, and Stylus formats so that you may use what you’re comfortable with!

Unlike most authors, I’m not afraid to share my source code with you. In fact,
I encourage you work from it.

To prove this, Gulp and Bower are included in the project, allowing you to continue developing your Bee3D in the same environment in which it was made!
This also means your development time will greatly decrease since your LESS, SASS, or Stylus changes will be auto-magically compiled into production-ready CSS! Just specify which format you’re using.


  • Touch-Enabled
  • 9 3D Effects available, with more on the way…
  • Autoplay, with optional pause on hover
  • Infinite Loops
  • Parallax effects, optional
  • Auto-Focus on load
  • Lightweight, 5KB minified
  • Responsive Image Support
  • Video Carousels
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Extensible callbacks
  • Fully Customizable
  • Styles come in LESS, SASS, and Stylus
  • Gulp & Bower are included
  • Well documented
  • Source code heavily commented

In Progress

  • Responsive Demo site
  • Dynamically adding slides via AJAX

Images from: Unsplash

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