User Aware Backgrounds for WordPress (Media)

User Aware Backgrounds for WordPress allows you to easily define one or multiple backgrounds which can be restricted to users, user roles or devices.

Main Features

  • Multiple backgrounds
  • Restrict backgrounds for users, roles or devices
  • Use selectors to define the backgrounds scope
  • 6 Background Types Included
    • Color or Color Gradient
    • Image or Image Gallery
    • Youtube Video
    • Youtube Video Playlist
  • Easy to Use Editor
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly (no videos on mobile devices)
  • Tested in every major browser
  • No programming required

Use images from WordPress’ media gallery, cutom url or directly upload one. Select from multiple transitions for galleries.

Youtube Video and Youtube Video Playlist

  • Customizable Youtube settings (e.g. mute, start and stop second, autoplay)
  • Mobile fallback to another background type of color, gradient or image
  • HTML5 with Flash-Fallback

Color and Gradient

Use the editor to easily select a single color or a gradient with two colors.

Usable for Fullscreen or Element Backgrounds


Responsive and Mobile Friendly

For Developers

  • Buy an extended license to embed this plugin into your Themeforest theme
  • Contact us, if you want to use this add-on in another product outside Envato


To update from a previous version or in case of any installation problems:

  • Deactivate the plugin,
  • Delete the plugin,
  • Upload the new version of the plugin,
  • Activate the plugin.


Version 1.0 (15 October 2014)

  • Initial Release

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